What is organic milk?

Milk that is derived from an organically fed cow is called organic milk. The feed that is given to the cow comes from a land not treated with any prohibited substances (e.g., synthetic fertilizers and most synthetic pesticides) for at least 3 years prior to harvest.

What is raw milk?

Pure milk that contains all the goodness of milk in its natural form is known as Raw milk. It’s milk as nature intended it to be. A highly nutritious drink, milk contains protein, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Prior to the introduction of pasteurization, in the early 1900s, all milk was consumed in its natural and untouched state.

What is pasteurised milk?

Milk that has been heated to 76 9 celsius and then cooled to kill the pathogens that are found in it is called pasteurised milk. It helps with getting rid of harmful bacteria like E. coli. Pasteurising milk is a commonly followed practice as it also helps in increasing the keeping quality of the milk.

What is processed milk?

Milk procured from the cow’s udder and which isn’t altered in any way is called Whole milk. Milk that goes through a process and has its physical form and composition altered is called Processed milk.  Pasteurized milk, Homogenized milk, toned milk, fat free milk etc. are some of the examples of processed milk.

What is whole milk / full cream milk?

Full cream milk is also known as whole milk as it contains the actual fat as is originated from the cow. Whole milk is known to have upto 3.5 – 6 percent of butterfat depending on the breed of the cow. It is also rich and creamy and most people prefer it to fat-free milk because of its texture. Despite the heavy calorie content, whole milk is believed to be healthy.  

What is the difference between processed milk and natural milk?

Milk in its original form as received from the cow’s udder is Natural milk. Milk that goes through any kind of processing that will alter its physical form and composition is Processed milk.

What is A1 and A2 milk?

A1 and A2 Betacasins are the proteins that are found in two different kinds of milk varieties. The protein varies from cow to cow. A1 Betacasin protein is found in cow’s bred in Europe. A2 Betacasin is found in the desi cow variety.

How does A2 Betacasin help us?

A2 milk is just easier to digest and doesn’t upset our stomachs. The composition of A2 milk is closer to that of breast milk. The desi cow’s milk contains the A2 protein which is also said to strengthen the immune system. Ayurvedic texts say that the desi cow’s milk is sweet to taste, cooling in nature and highly nutritive.

How long does milk stay fresh/consumable?

Milk when refrigerated can stay fresh for 3 days.

Cow’s milk Vs alternatives, which is better?

Although there are many other options that serve as alternatives to milk, milk is the best source of minerals and vitamins needed for the body. Incase of choosing an alternative like soya milk or almond milk, remember that the nutrients found in cow’s milk won’t be found elsewhere.

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