As we aspire to be the most preferred conscious choice of everyone around us for all dairy products, it’s a journey of life that we have chosen to take along with our fellow farmers and in the course equip them to become fortunate enough as we are and more.

With an aim to support the small local farmers who are doing dairy business and have challenges meeting ends, Karma Farm is offering a unique cow leasing program where in:


Entrepreneurs having Dairy Business

  • With 5 or more lactating cows
  • Producing milk/milk products but unable to market
  • Planning to scale up, but constrained by investment or operational issues
  • Unable to give enough focus due to other commitments and facing manpower issues
  • Not getting expected revenues and mounting expenses

Somebody who is aspiring to invest in the dairy industry and be a part of a fast growing and satisfying business and earn steady returns



  • Lease minimum of 5 or more lactating cows to Karma Farm for a period of 12 months with standard lease agreement
  • Bear the insurance cost of the cows
  • Can deploy your person to oversee our operations at your cost
  • Inspect our farm/records with/without notice


  • Bear the cost of labour to look after the cow, fodder, Veterinary doc supervision, medical assistance etc, and take care of the wellbeing of cows
  • Provide complete transparency of farm activities thorough CCTV network, WhatsApp group
  • Provide all records related to milk yield of each cows on daily basis
  • Pay ₹4 if the average yield per day is >= 12 and for every incremental litre of average milk yield there will be additional pay out of ₹0.50 per litre.


  • Earn regular income based on the average yield of milk.
  • Choose to leave the cow with us during dry period OR replace that cow with lactating cow.

We will take complete care of the cow during the dry period. You have a choice to leave the dry cow with us and take the lesser pay out based on the average yield OR replace the dry cow with lactating cow and keep your earnings consistent.

If this proposition excites you and want to discuss further on nity-grity of cow leasing, please get it touch with us on 9880101002.