About Us:

“Birds of a feather flock together” is a saying which has turned true in many of our lives. So was it in the case of this group of childhood friends who were all busy in their full-time software jobs, but always dreamt of going back to basics, and had the passion for farming. Although a lot of dreams die, very few people chase it and make it happen, and a new organisation like Karma Farm is born.

It is not an easy dream! After all what are we dealing with! Live animals, a product that is a daily essential, something that people need as the first thing in the morning, labour intensive, perishable food with a slightest of negligence and the families who said “Are you mad??” . These are just to name a few! It was a bed of roses, but the thorns pricked very hard initially. We tried, we failed, we re-did, we failed again, but we tried again until we succeeded. The commitment to make it happen was strong and as a result you see “Farm Fresh Organic” in the market today.

The idea is very simple, delivering untouched, fresh milk in its purest form to our customers in sustainable packaging. We believe that the best comes out of any form of living being only when they are at their best. The yield from plants/ trees is great in an ideal condition suitable for it to grow, humans become effective if they are at their best physically and emotionally, similarly the cows give out good quality milk if they are nurtured well with love and care. We simply follow this. The cows are never tied, they are free to wander around in a set boundary. We have an in-house Vet who will monitor the health of every cow and plan their food diet according to their health condition.

The dairy farm was initially set-up in Hiriyur and we ran operations from there for a year. Due to practical operational challenges, we decided to move all the animals and the processing unit closer to the market we cater to (Bangalore). In Oct 2019, we set-up the entire dairy unit at Nelamangala. Milk that is produced at the farm, is instantly chilled, pasteurised and stored in a bulk cooling tank. It is then packed in glass bottles / pouches and is placed in the cold storage. The next morning, milk van is out for delivery from the farm at 3 AM and our delivery team delivers milk to our customers by 6:30 AM. Our in-house sales and delivery team caters to customers based in North Bangalore (Malleswaram, Yeshwanthpur, Peenya, Mattikere and surrounding areas). We are also present on Apps like Daily Ninja and Fresh to Home (FTH) which will help us cater to customers across Bangalore. We are presently producing Full Cream Organic Milk, Organic Set Curd (Matka curd) and Organic Ghee.

With an intention to give back to the society, we decided to organise Training Programmes to educate entrepreneurs who are looking to start a Dairy Farm. This will be a platform to share the practical challenges faced by us in the process of setting up our farm, economics of dairy farming, feed and animal health management and all the things that one will come across in the functioning of a dairy farm. These training programmes have been successfully running on the second Sunday of every month. Participants who have been attending our Training Programs have been really appreciative about this initiative of ours and have seen much value coming out of this training.