About Us:

With a commitment to bring back the early old days where cows were milked in front of consumers house and fresh milk delivered to them, Farm Fresh was founded to produce milk, unprocessed, in its purest form and delivered to its customers fresh within 10-12 hours of milking.

Farm Fresh Organics has set up a 100-acre Organic Farm in a remote village at about 150 kms away from Bangalore.  Employing Israeli farming methodology, animal housing like a gaushala built using earthen elements, the farm houses about 300 cows along with well-established milking parlour, pasteurising unit, chilling unit and other dairy product manufacturing machineries.

Milk is instantly pasteurized right after milking, packed in glass bottles and transported in cold chain everyday to Bangalore.  We are serving customers who reside in apartments only and deliver milk everyday with our in-house delivery team.

We aim to be the most preferred conscious choice of everyone around us for all dairy products. It’s a journey of life that we have chosen to take along with our fellow farmers and in the course equip them to become fortunate enough as we are and more.

With an aim to support the small local farmers who are doing dairy business and have challenges meeting ends, Farm Fresh Organics is offering the following programs at the farm:

  • Dairy farming entrepreneurship Programme
  • Dairy farming Techniques
  • Cow lease program for farmers who want to lease their cows with us and enjoy monthly earnings