Vani Murthy

For a long time I was contemplating on how I can switch from milk in plastic pouches to milk in glass bottles. It so happened that Shwetha came to meet me and wanted to talk about their venture, and that is exactly what I was looking for. Farm fresh organic milk was introduced to customers with a free sample for a week and that was an amazing way to know the product. I continued to subscribe after that week and I feel good that the milk they deliver at my door step is safe in every way. Very happy with the service and the product, waiting for them to introduce curds, ghee and paneer too.

Supriya Kashyap

Being a milk loving person, without a doubt I fell in love with Organic Farm Fresh milk, the day I got to taste a sample of it. Ever since we subscribed to it, we have had no issues with the delivery. The rich cream given by the milk, the perfectly set curd made me give my family the tastiest, aromatic ghee ever. I even experimented making paneer at home which turned out to be soft and naturally tasty. My family and I are truly grateful to the people behind Organic Farm Fresh for giving us milk as they claim straight from the cow to our doorstep. They have maintained the promised quality and I truly hope we see more and more of Organic Farm Fresh milk and milk products.

Aarti Shastry

I am really passionate about the environment and hence was looking for a milk provider that gives milk from free range cows. The quality is good and quantity is just right for us as a family of three. The milk is usually delivered on time, so there are no delays in our breakfast. The subscription is digitalized, so it makes payments, pauses, ordering other things digitally via the website really very easy. The Customer service is by far one of the best features of Farm Fresh Organics. All my questions, concerns and queries were immediately addressed and action taken upon as soon as I raised a query. Lastly, I love that the milk comes in a glass bottle which is taken back and no plastic is used! Would recommend this to everyone.

Usha Gopalakrishna

Extremely delighted to say that today my family joins me to tell you that the decision of going in for buying your products especially milk was right and ultimately satisfying. The bottled milk definitely gives the feel of olden days. This milk comes straight from the organic farm free from all the chemicals. Feels so safe and healthy to use it as it is very tasty when consumed in any form. The pain of forcing my daughter to drink milk ends after subscribing this product. She and all of us enjoy consuming the milk. The transaction is so hassle-free since they are into an app where you can subscribe your products, pay on-line, etc…The staff are also very approachable. I would recommend all to use Farm Fresh Organics products.